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Let there be LED light

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India has committed to cutting its carbon intensity by a third by 2030. LED lights can be an important part of the spectrum of changes that are demanded by this commitment, and that are necessary to make sure we leave our children a liveable environment.

As Sahil Ali of the the Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), a not for profit research organisation based in Bangalore, points out, “The household sector accounts for a quarter of India’s electricity consumption. Nearly a quarter of this demand is attributed to lighting. Over half of this lighting need is met by incandescent lamps (ICLs), which waste 90% of their electricity consumption through heat.”

How do LEDs compare for efficiency? Ali says it takes 33 ICLs to match one LED in terms of its average life of 20 years. Plus, LEDs do not contain mercury so their disposal is also safer.

So the government’s LED push makes a lot of sense and it is already beginning to show results. For example, today the ET reports that almost 90% of all households in Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry have replaced incandescent bulbs with LED lamps, reducing their electricity consumption and bills as also emissions.

The problem is that LED bulbs are much more expensive. But prices have fallen dramatically in the last few years and they continue to trend downwards. Meanwhile, by buying in bulk government is acting as an enabler till this technology becomes cost competitive. This is a worthwhile investment. CSTEP finds that by 2030, if all the lighting points use LED, India could fulfil all its lighting needs with only 38% of its 2011 consumption.

In addition to effectively distributing LED bulbs through the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme, government needs to properly implement programmes such as replacement of traditional street lights with LED bulbs via the nation-wide Street Light National Programme. But for those of us who know first hand how even traditional street lights remain missing from large parts of our metros let alone the rest of India, the scale of this challenge is clear. And that is not counting the dangers of sloth and leakages.

But look LED is for sure the future. Scientists are even working on Li-Fi to replace Wi-Fi. Yes, it’s a technology using LED room lights to transmit data around your house.


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